Top Personal Training Salaries by State (2020)
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Top Personal Training Salaries by State (2020)


  • Breakdown of personal training compensation (hourly and annual salary) for each state
  • Factors to consider: cost of living, education, certifications, specializations, total years in the personal training profession and your type of workplace (private studio vs. health club)
  • Why are personal trainers paid so much in New York, California, Massachusetts and Hawaii? Beautiful weather, elite residents and a variety of fitness activities have something to do with it.

Information provided by Zip Recrutier

Information provided by Zip Recruiter

Factors to Consider

Many factors go into each state’s average hourly rate and salary. Some include education, certifications (Top 5 Personal Training Certifications), specializations and how many years you’ve spent working in the personal training profession. Another major factor to consider is the cost of living in each state. For example, states such as New York, California, Massachusetts and Hawaii are some of the top paying states for personal trainers because of the high cost of living in each state. Compensation will also differ depending on where you’re training. If you’re working at a private studio, you’ll have the opportunity to charge more than you would at a health club.


New York

Personal trainers working with New York’s elite at health clubs, specialty studios and gyms are among the highest paid in the personal training industry. If you’re trainer with a solid background in the industry and a vibrant personality, New York could be the perfect place to kick off your personal training career!


We bet you saw this one coming. California is known for attracting people who are passionate about fitness and an active lifestyle. According to a 2013 US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California had the highest amount of personal trainers in the country. This shouldn’t come as a surprise–California boasts a wide variety of ways to practice indoor and outdoor exercise opportunities.


From beautiful beaches in the summer to cross-country skiing in the winter, Massachusetts has it all for fitness buffs. Massachusetts residents who enjoy the state’s fitness opportunities pay a premium to stay in shape and keep up with the many fitness activities available to them. In addition to national fitness chains, Massachusetts also features many gyms known for their innovation.


Look, if we lived in Hawaii, we would be hiring a personal trainer stat! The beautiful state offers residents endless fitness opportunities including hiking, snorkeling and surfing. Since these activities are normal parts of life in Hawaii (we can dream, right?), residents place a high priority on personal fitness. If that doesn’t convince you, America’s Health Rankings identified Hawaii as the healthiest state in 2013.


Whether you’re just starting your career in personal training or relocating you're already established career, knowing what compensation to expect will be a key part of your search. Factors such as your education, certifications, specializations and cost of living will impact how much money you’ll make as a personal trainer. Bottom line: if you’re basing your career choice on location, you should also ensure the location of your job can accommodate what kind of personal training services you want to offer. If you could work as a personal trainer in any state, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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